Magnetic Magazine interview: Leaving my comfort zone

I recently chatted with Magnetic Magazine about creativity, being a female producer, and leaving my comfort zone. Click HERE to read the full interview and hear Someone To Save Me, my new collaboration with producer/artist The Land Below (also available on SpotifyApple Music/iTunesSoundcloud, and Amazon).

"As a seasoned producer, she wields her will like a sword, crafting intricate sonic landscapes with an expert's hand. As I Am Snow Angel, she tells her truth with heartfelt vocals and powerful songwriting. Her live set [is] equal parts spellbinding and spectacular; she waxes between all facets of human emotions with the same ease that she skillfully operates her Ableton Push in crafting her songs live. Through it all, she retains a sincerity that enables her wide and varied emotional range to land, no matter the message."  -- Magnetic Magazine