I AM SNOW ANGEL fuses digital and organic elements, resulting in a sound that is both ethereal and earthly. The music is composed, performed, produced and engineered by recording artist Julie Kathryn. Her newest EP, Desert, is a project that illustrates the subtle complexities of desire, passion and longing. I AM SNOW ANGEL has been featured by the Huffington Post, Indie Shuffle, Magnetic Mag, Creem Magazine, Refinery 29, All Things Go and many more for her “fluorescent beats and emotionally charged melodies.” A self‐sufficient artist, I AM SNOW ANGEL is a co‐founder of Female Frequency, a musical collective that is dedicated to empowering women and girls in the music industry.


“ She puts on one of the finest electronic solo shows I have ever seen: she plays Push, keyboard and guitar. And she sings, of course, with her wonderfully restrained and seductive voice.” – Glamglare

“The eclectic nature of the music of I AM SNOW ANGEL is staggering. She owns the writing, production and engineering process, much like GRIMES, and is a pioneer when it comes to helping women make their own tunes, whatever genre they may be… She was, after all, made to give life to the melancholy of electro. The style of electronica infused with country roots, creates an amalgamation difficult to resist." – The Electricity Club

“While The Postal Service may have cornered the market on cozy electro-pop over a decade ago, I Am Snow Angel does a damn good job of carrying the torch. Multi-instrumentalist Julie Kathryn puts a polished spin on Gibbard and Tamberello’s homemade sounds, adding sweet whispered vocals that might as well have been pulled straight from our dreams.” – All Things Go

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